Getting a Firearms License

Regular Firearms Safety Courses are undertaken adjacent to Gun World at SCS Southside for Categories A/B/H.








Safety Course Calendar

Flexible training options available to minimise time spent in class. Complete written assessments on-line a home and arrange a time with SCS Southside to complete practicals. Flexible training can take place at any time, please contact SCS for more information.


Safety Course training undertaken adjacent to Gun World at the HIPC indoor range. Onsite Trainer - Darryl Stelfox.

Once you have completed your Firearms Safety Course, you can now lodge your License application. All Firearms License Applications are processed by the Weapons Licensing Branch of the Queensland Police Service.
- PLEASE NOTE: Links from this section will link you to the QLD Police Service Weapons Licensing Website

Be prepared 

Supporting Documents

To make sure that your application is assessed as quickly as possible it is important that the information you supply to us is correct and complete, and that your supporting documentation is uploaded to your application or forwarded to Weapons Licensing immediately after submitting the online application. If your application does not meet our requirements it could be refused or there could be substantial delays while we seek further information from you.

  • Gather the documents you need to supply with your application.
  • Scan them and save them to your computer or a memory stick.
  • When applying online your supporting documents should be saved as PDF,  TIFF, JPEG or GIF files and be no larger than 2MB per file.
  • If you can't get your documents scanned you can still apply online. Send  photocopies of all the required documents to Weapons Licensing as soon as possible after you have submitted your application online. Make sure you  quote your application reference number in your cover letter.

Contact local clubs and dealers for assistance

Applicants, you are strongly encouraged to contact your local club or dealer about assisting you to complete your licence application, and ensure the required documentation is submitted. Before you attend your local club or dealer, please refer to the Weapons Licensing website and be aware of the required documentation for your genuine reason.

The club or dealer will;

  • Ensure you have the required documentation; and
  • Encourage you to and assist you to complete the Weapons Applications Online (WAO) application form

Passport quality photograph

  • The photograph you supply with your new licence application should be:
    • no more than six (6) months old
    • be a close up image of your head and top of your shoulders and show you looking straight at the camera
    • clearly show your face and eyes - no hats or sunglasses
    • be clear and in sharp focus; and
    • have a plain light coloured background
  • Your licence photo can be saved as any valid image format and should also be no larger than 2MB.