The Helix is the latest bolt action rifle in the MEM range from Merkel – it combines state-of-the-art hunting rifle construction with functions that set new standards. The true linear bolt action rifle works blindingly fast with a transmission unit. Neither the bolt handle nor the cylinder breech move towards the shooter’s eye – the system housing is closed at the rear. This creates perfect conditions for bolt action shooting.

The idea of creating the perfect hunting gun originated in October 2007. The Merkel over-and-under shotgun 303 was hailed as the "queen of hunting rifles" in the 20th century. It was then that a friend of the Merkel house defined a new challenge. Hunting had changed – we needed a rifle to reflect that change: “Gentlemen, let us develop the hunting gun for the 21st century!”

The helical breech is a further development of the classical rotary bolt head – no other principle locks bolt action rifles safer. The Merkel RX combines a rotary bolt head with straight-pull bolt action using the Helix principle. The breech is sealed to the rear to prevent soiling and to provide an additional measure of safety.The manual cocking lever of the RX.HELIX is located on the stock wrist. With a flick of the thumb, it places the system under tension immediately before the shot is to be fired – and can be released again just as easily.

Manual cocking systems sometimes suffer from a lack of ignition energy. A patented hammer system with a linkage-driven hammer has been developed for the RX that provides maximum ignition energy so that the shot will be fired safely and reliably. Safety is the reassuring feeling of being able to go hunting without any concerns – this feeling comes when you know that your gun fulfils the most demanding safety conditions. The Merkel RX.HELIX combines a rotary bolt head with true straight-pull bolt action – without the slightest annoying rotational or tipping movement that one gets with other straight- pull bolt action rifles. The hunter can keep his or her eye on the target, and the bolt handle is positioned exactly above the trigger. The straight shaft, which is in keeping with the tradition of Merkel´s Africa rifles, provides the necessary stability for this motion.


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