Norma has teamed up with Woodleigh bullets to offer the finest dangerous game ammunition available. Tried and tested steel-jacketed solids and bonded-core softpoints are coupled with high quality

Norma brass and powder and loaded under the most rigorous inspection standards in the industry. Nickelled cases are used to ensure the most reliable feeding and ejection from rifles whose metalwork is too hot to touch or is full of the inevitable African dust. The Woodleigh FMJ bullets use a steel jacket twice as thick as any other in the industry. Cases are all hand inspected both before and after loading. We carefully select powder and primer in order to make variations in point of impact from batch to batch as small as possible.

It is our goal that you can pick up a box anywhere in the world and have the same point of impact as with the box you used at home.

This cartridge was developed by George Gibbs of Bristol in 1911 and originally intended for use in double rifles, but somewhere along the road he changed his mind and turned it into a rimless round for use in magazine rifles, for which there was a flourishing market. The .505 Gibbs is a highly specialized cartridge intended as an elephant stopper for hunters who prefer a magazine rifle for this purpose. It is one of the old English big bore cartridges, whose reputation far exceeds its actual use It was made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his short story 'The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber' and the famous John A. Hunter also preferred a .505 for hunting elephant.

Actually the first rifle of this caliber was finished by the Gibbs company in 1914, and the first world war delayed the production of further rifles until 1919. Accordingly it reached the African game fields at the very end of professional elephant hunting and never became widespread.

It is not only equal to but exceeds the power of its rimmed cousin, the .500 Nitro Express. In European nomenclature it would be called 12,8x80. A 525 grain bullet propelled at 2300 fps gives an awesome recoil and rifles necessarily have to be heavy to reduce this to a tolerable level.

Calibre:                      505 Gibbs Magnum
Muzzle Velocity:        640 ms (2100 fps)
Weight:                      600gr
Bullet Type:               Full Metal Jacket
Ballistic Co Eff:          0.36
Rounds Per Box:       10
Rounds Per Case:     70
At Distance:                100m
Velocity:                     573 ms (1880 fps)
Energy:                      6389J (4712 ft-lb)
Trajectory Short:       0 @ 100m
Trajectory Long:        -259mm @ 200m


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Barcode # 7393923113111
Brand Norma

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