Travelling with Firearms

The following extract is from a article published by SSAA


In Queensland, Section 61 of the Weapons Regulation 1996 states that a person in control of a firearm must ensure it is not placed in or on a vehicle unless:

  • the vehicle has a lockable boot, the firearm is locked in the boot; otherwise:
  • the firearm is locked in a metal container fixed to the vehicle;
  • or the firearm is in a securely closed container that is out of sight in the vehicle.

The metal container and anything on or attached to it, must not suggest that a firearm is inside. Examples of how a container or something on or attached to it may:

  • indicate a firearm is inside;
  • the container’s shape or other features is like a firearm;
  • a mark or label on the container mentions firearms, ammunition; or
  • XYZ Gun Shop (other than as part of an address).

A person in control of a firearm (whether or not the person has custody of it) must ensure the firearm is not left in an unlocked vehicle if the vehicle is not being attended by someone licensed to possess the firearm.

Queensland also has a regulation relating to carriage of firearms in vessels (boats) and motor homes/caravans, which sits somewhere between the safe storage requirement in homes and transporting firearms in vehicles. The following is an explanation by the Queensland Weapons Licensing Branch: In order to store a firearm on a vessel or caravan (motor home) you would be required to apply for what is known as an ‘Alternative Safe Storage Certificate.’ This is a certificate permitting you to store a firearm other than in a building.

Please note that information contained in this article is general in nature and should not be considered legal advice. For further information on the safe storage and transportation of firearms and ammunition in your area, please contact your state or territory firearms branch. Should you require legal advice relevant to a particular matter concerning you, it is always advisable to contact a lawyer who is able to provide such guidance on firearms-related matters. ALWAYS ASK FO