What's the latest with you guys? 


Before anything else, we would like to thank every single person, whether they are industry or our customer for their patience and understanding during this extremely tough time for Gunworld. We have been taken aback by the support we have received from all corners.


As many of you are aware, on the 11th of July, our then major director and investor had to walk away from the business for personal reasons, leaving us in the position of having to shut down operations as we could not feasibly continue operating without their input at that time.


We have been working tirelessly over the last 2 weeks in finding a suitable candidate that shared the other directors point of view that would enable Gunworld to continue trading, and still being able to provide the right products, price and services to the industry.


We have been successful in this endeavour, and will be re-opening the store Tuesday 14th of August under new ownership, with a renewed passion and vigour that will hopefully translate through the aforementioned areas.


If you have any enquiries regarding outstanding orders or monies, please contact us via the shop phone number, or via the shop email address, and our team will explain the options available to you case by case.


We will be implementing a raft of changes to our operation, with the sole aim to improve efficiency and the customer experience.


Again, we would like to thank everyone for their support. We look forward to hopefully having you in store again. Please keep a close eye on our Facebook, our website and your email inbox for the latest info.