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Contessa Scope Mounts

In Marcheno, in Valtrompia, beating heart of the Italian gunmaking tradition, Stefano Contessa set up a small business in 1974, operating in the field of small precision mechanical parts, putting his professional skills to good use. Over the years, his sons Alessandro and Andrea, who had grown up in their father’s workshop, learned the tricks of the trade and the importance of performing work in a workmanlike manner. The imprinting given by their father allows them to produce mechanical parts of high precision and quality, combining tradition with technological innovation. In the early 2000s, Contessa decided to use their experience to develop their own product with patented mechanics: Simple Black, Contessa’s first line of scope mounts.

Ambition, stubbornness and countless hours of work have led a small, family-run workshop to develop into a fully-fledged, globally competitive company. The finesse and quality that have always distinguished Contessa’s workmanship have made their products unique and inimitable, with perfect design and mechanics.

Constantly evolving.

Contessa is constantly evolving and expanding, always looking for improvement and innovation. Since December 2017, the company has moved to a new factory, where new high-tech machinery is used for production and quality control. To date, it boasts an excellent range of products, known worldwide for their quality, design and functionality.

The company currently employs 15 people with a high level of technical know-how in the shotguns sector and a particular concern for respecting and sharing the company’s values. Serious, helpful and punctual, Contessa’s professionals work every day with enthusiasm, passion and professionalism to always offer services and products of excellent quality.

2021, Andrea and Alessandro Contessa.