About Ballistol

At the turn of the century the German Army began looking for a versatile oil to be used by soldiers in combat - a substance that could be used to clean and protect metallic rifle parts, to protect leather gear and wooden gun stocks - and even to disinfect minor cuts and scratches. The army turned to the Klever company. In 1904 the company succeeded in creating a new oil with amazing capabilities - called Ballistol, a combination of the word Ballistic and the Latin word for oil, “oleum”. The army tested the and approved this new “Ballistic Oil” and began using it in 1905.

Ballistol is biodegradable. Neither its use or disposal will pollute our precious water, it’s natural decomposition will not produce any by products that may be harmful to the environment and the aerosol does not contain any CFC's - butane and propane are used as the propellants.

Ballistol is a versatile product for use inside and outside a vehicle. There are no equivalents in the marketplace that offers the same level of lubrication, cleaning and protection properties as Ballistol. Ballistol can be used to treat the plastic and leather dashboards; it contains UV protectants, which helps prevent intense sunlight from damaging your dashboard. Ballistol is an effective corrosion inhibitor. Use it on your battery posts and cable contacts to prevent corrosion cause by battery acid. Use Ballistol on all metallic parts to prevent corrosion. Use Ballistol to lubricate cables, and linkages. People and organisations that have used Ballistol and respect the environment and personal health have never gone back to inferior products.