CED Competitive Edge Dynamics

Competitive Edge Dynamics has been a household name in the Shooting Industry for three decades now, producing the finest quality and functionally designed shooting products, including timers, chronographs, scales, range bags, backpacks, and hundreds of other shooting products for the global market.  It all started with an idea that Shooters know better what other Shooters need and want! With this in mind, the development of the CED4000 sound activated timer was born.  Since that first day back in 1990, Competitive Edge Dynamics has grown profitably and successfully each and every year.

Competitive Edge Dynamics does not simply produce fine quality shooting related products, but it also supports the industry, the competitors, and the organizations, which keep the sport alive and help it to grow! However, CED does not stop there.

Through Major Sponsorship of hundreds of Regional, National, and World Championship matches each year, CED supports and contributes to the shooting sports world-wide!  CED Timers and Chronograph are officially used for Championship matches. In addition to competitive matches, our products are used by law enforcement agencies and military organizations in over 24 countries for training purposes. Clients include every single government agency and military branch in the USA.  The CED M2 Chronograph has been the official Chronograph for IPSC, USPSA and IDPA for over two decades.  CED timers have been officially used at all levels of matches including several World Championships. 

In partnership with Double Alpha Academy, we continue to work and improve on the best new products on the market. In 2012 we offered the all new CED/DAA RangePack Pro - the most professional custom-made IPSC backpack ever. This product became a runaway success, far exceeding our most optimistic expectations. Thanks to strong customer input, we then launched the CED/DAA RangePack, a smaller version of the PRO Backpack.  Today, dozens of combined projects have materialized giving the competitive shooter the most innovative new products in our industry.

Competitive Edge Dynamics looks at its success today as simply the stepping-stone for what lies ahead. With numerous new products now in development and expanding new markets world-wide, the opportunities seem endless.