Frontier Bullets

Established in 1994

Frontier Metal Processing is situated in Stilfontein, in the North West Province of South Africa. The company was established by Nico and Susan Economakis and was later joined by Kotzé van Staden. Nico, as a shooting-enthusiast started to produce bullets at a young age as he was not satisfied with any of the projectiles available on the market at the time. He eventually started to sell his bullets to fellow shooters and this led to the establishment of the company in 1994, when each bullet was still cast and lubricated by hand.

The company started to grow into a multi-national distributor of bullets of excellent quality. Instead of developing into other branches of ammunition, Nico concentrated on bullets to be able to supply the best possible projectile at an affordable price.

Eventually the company also started to look at the needs of the hunting industry in South Africa which lead to the range of Spartan Bullets. As hunters asked for a cheaper version in the same weights, the range master bullet was developed and became a favorite on the shooting range. Eventually the Ultimate Hunter and the Xhiphos range of bullets were added.

Frontier has a range of shooting ranges and runs a shooting club with facilities for all handgun and rifle disciplines. All of the company’s management team are enthusiastic shooters and hunters and are happy to be the first to be able to test new products.