H&N Sport

Why H&N pellets and bullets?

All H&N pellets and bullets offer you the perfect combination of excellent quality, accuracy, and price. And they’re just plain fun to shoot.

H&N Sport: a tradition of success

The roots of H&N Sport go back as far as 1825. In the beginning the business was industrial production of milled lead and lead foil: lead bars were cast in plates, partly by adding tin, and rolled into foil by hand. This was used for lining tobacco tins and tea caddies.

In 1847 Carl Georg August Natermann acquired a former Hann. Münden fortified tower and modified it to a shot tower. Until the 1980s lead shot was produced under the “Lätare” brand name. Apart from this bullets were manufactured since the 1890s.

Since the 1950s, H&N has been manufacturing a wide range of different calibre airgun pellets for the most diverse applications, in addition to round balls for muzzle-loaders and bullets for large-calibre firearms. Production is carried out exclusively on our own purpose-built machinery.