HS Produkt

Equipped with unparalleled experience forged across 30 years of firearms production, HS has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of top-quality small arms, with one of the largest production factories in the business.

Ever since its foundation, advanced thinking has been the focus of HS manufacturing, and has proven to be the main factor behind the international success of the HS pistol line, which was developed using the latest technological achievements and real-world combat experience.

Following the success of the HS pistol line, a surge of demand for HS products enabled the company to make significant investments into manufacturing facilities, equipment and engineer workforce, leading to HS becoming one of the foremost manufacturing leaders on the international market.

Today, HS takes great pride in its reputation for delivering innovative, high-performance quality firearms with a strong focus on the development of technologically advanced, reliable products.

Each HS product is developed from years of expertise and research, ensuring that our final products reflect our uncompromising commitment to excellence and safety.

This is recognised the world over by both experts and end-users, who repeatedly award our state-of-the-art handguns.