Hunting Hounds Safety Supplies

Our first aid kits are like no other, they include everything you will need to treat your dog for dehydration, inflammation, wounds and injuries from the inside out!  In some cases Veterinary care will still be required but you can rest assured that with a Hunting Hounds First Aid Kit, even when you are in the most remote of areas,  you can provide the dog vital emergency treatment in the meantime!

​The kits contain most of the regular first aid items such as gauze, bandages etc but with the added advantage of supplements and remedies to aid the healing of wounds internally as well.  In the case of any wound or traumatic experience for a dog it's important to note that it's not just about fixing what you can physically see......that fight or flight stress response that has occurred in the process of the injury will drain the dog of vital nutrients its body needs and its extremely important to top that back up as soon as possible to aid in the healing process.


Happy Hunting!


****Disclaimer:  Hunting Hounds First Aid Kits are in no way to substitute Veterinary care if required. The first aid kit contains a stapler and stapler remover, these items are purchased and used at your own risk, Hunting Hounds Safety Supplies takes no responsibility for the use of the stapler by other parties or individuals once purchased.