Integrated Systems Management Inc.

ISMI premium springs are manufactured exclusively with certified aerospace specification alloys; stainless or chrome silicon. Then our springs are heat treated, shot peened and stress relieved after winding to enhance performance and durability. Our springs utilize the same design and manufacturing technology as used in IndyCar and Formula One racing. In a typical 500 mile race, a valve spring in an IndyCar will go through more than 2,500,000 compression cycles. Consideration of factors such as modulus, wire diameter, mean diameter, active coils, total deflection, spring relaxation, maximum service temperature, and operating environment; results in you having modern spring technology available for your pistol.

Because of the properties of music wire; it cannot be heat treated, shot peened and stress relieved after the spring is wound. Additionally, music wire lacks consistency from bulk lot to bulk lot. This results in inconsistent performance from spring to spring. This is the same technology that was in use 90 years ago when John Browning designed the 1911 style pistol.

We believe that springs shouldn’t be an ongoing worry or concern for the shooter. Springs should be an annual routine maintenance item. Change them once a year; go shoot and have fun.

We believe our products are “The World’s Finest Gun Springs”. It is this belief that allows us to offer a replacement warranty that is unmatched. We acknowledge that anything that can be produced may have a problem. This is why we offer the warranty. As a consumer, you would not consider buying a new car, computer, appliance or other item with no warranty, you gun springs should be the same. If they are good enough to sell, they are good enough to stand behind.

Spring design should be an evolutionary process. Only with feedback from shooters can problems be addressed or changes made that will enhance the performance of the spring and thusly, the pistol.