Konus Optical and Sport Systems

Konus has a long history of making fine European-designed binoculars and riflescopes for hunting and tactical shooters. Konus binoculars, Konus riflescopes, Konus red dot sights and Konus spotting scopes all feature premium glass, and the waterproofing, shockproofing and fog proofing provide reliable consistency for competitive and sport shooters. Many Konus Optics are good at dusk and dawn because their lens clarity and optical coatings provide high levels of light transmission. Their affordability and ease of use makes Konus products a great choice for avid hunters who appreciate reasonable prices with quality features. The latest military and and tactical advancements are incorporated into Konus optics to give serious hunters and sportsmen the chance to make the most of every opportunity. For every successive model introduced, Konus re-evaluates features, materials and construction so that no improvement is overlooked. To narrow your search for just the right Konus gear, use the handy category filters below on the left.