Lok Grips

About Us



My name is Jayson Dekmar, owner of LOK Grips.  I am a gun enthusiast, engineer, cnc machinist/programmer, and all around manufacturing fanatic.  LOK Grips represents all of my passions and my shot at chasing the American Dream of being a self made man.  

I started making 1911 grips in March of 2014 with 1 CNC Machine and have grown to 15 employees and 8 CNC machines running 2 shifts.  Before starting LOK Grips, I was a CNC machinist and production manager in the aerospace industry.  I've taken what I learned making aerospace parts and developed a lean manufacturing process focusing on quality and efficiency.    

We currently make grips for all variations of 1911's, SIG Sauer, CZ, Walther, Kimber, Ruger Beretta and much more.

We use top of the line equipment to make these grips.  Here are a couple pics inside the shop so you can see for yourself.


shop-old-01.jpg shop-old-02.jpg