N82 Tactical

The N8² Tactical story began in the summer of 2009 with a phone call between two friends, Nate Beard and Nate Johnson. The gun owners’ conversation eventually turned to the subject of concealed carry, more specifically, their frustration with the countless concealed carry holsters they had tried, only to discover they weren’t comfortable enough to be worn all day. They both knew that if a holster isn’t comfortable, gun owners won’t wear it and therefore, not have their firearm if and when they needed it. They even joked that since they knew exactly what was wrong with other holsters, they would know how to make a better holster.

That was a lightbulb moment.

So with their wives’ blessing, they dug in and began experimenting with different designs and materials. After a bit of trial and error – and a sewing class under their belt – Nate and Nate were able to successfully design holsters that were truly unlike anything else on the market. When friends and family started asking for holsters of their own, they knew they were on to something and Nate Squared Tactical was born!

After many years of friendship and mutual respect in the industry, MTC Holsters, LLC., the parent company of CrossBreed Holsters, purchased N8² Tactical in January of 2020 and moved the company to its headquarters in Springfield, MO. 

Along with keeping manufacturing in America and expanding the current product list, our mission remains to provide quality products with superior comfort for all-day carry, every day!