Nielson Sonic

Nielsen Gun Parts is a branch of J. Nielsen Design. J. Nielsen Design is a company where the employees have many years of experience in the production of hunting rifles and accessories. These years of experience has evolved our production technology with a focus on quality, efficiency and precision. Jørgen Nielsen is responsible for managing the daily running of the companies production as well as the development of new products.

Jørgen has since 1980 worked with production of hunting rifles and accessories. During the 1980’s Jørgen bought large amounts of the Carl Gustaf military rifles in Sweden and customised them into hunting rifles, these were very popular in Denmark and Sweden.

In 1994 he took over Schultz & Larsen Otterup weapons factory, here the whole production and designs were carefully analysed leading to improvements. Jørgen designed the model DL97, Classic, and Victory as well as rifle accessories such as the Slide & Lock scope mounts and the Hard-Core suppressor. There is no longer any collaboration between Jørgen and Schultz & Larsen.