In over 20 years, Radians has become a major leader in the safety industry by manufacturing high-performance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the industrial, construction, and safety markets. Fostering a culture of innovation, flexibility, and excellence, we create products, services and experiences that are leading the way to a safer tomorrow.

To satisfy style demands, comfort requirements, compliance concerns, and price considerations, Radians manufacturers premium product lines, such as DEWALT® and Crossfire®, and performance value brands to provide a variety of PPE solutions.

Our relationships and partnerships are very important to us, so we are continuously evolving and expanding our product lines, our capabilities, and our processes to be a top-tier supplier of quality safety solutions for the end-user while consistently meeting our partners’ expectations.

Our customers enjoy versatility, product innovation, flexibility, and a strong value proposition. Our certification as an ISO 9001:2008 registered company reinforces our commitment to customer focus and to the manufacturing and distribution of quality personal safety products in 48 countries on six continents.