The CZ 557 RANGE RIFLE is a universal centerfire rifle intended for use by professionals who use their weapon for everyday work. It boasts with a universal system of sights. It is equipped with adjustable open sights on the barrel and a weaver rail on the receiver. The rail has a groove in the middle to allow aiming through open sights. If the weaver rail is removed, there is a standard dovetail on the receiver with CZ interface (19 mm). Factory setting of the trigger mechanism is 2-stage. The mechanism is, however, fully adjustable. Therefore, it can be adjusted according to the user's needs, even as one-stage trigger.

With its CZ 557 series, Česká zbrojovka enters the land of 21st century weapons and again reaches the peak in the field of hunting bolt action centerfire rifles. CZ 557 combines the decades of weapons designing and manufacturing experience along with user experience of hunters resulting in using the most advanced materials and technologies.
All this gave rise to a modern centerfire rifle having traditional appearance and unique user properties which are appreciated by all shooters, from beginners to professionals firing thousands of rounds a year.


- A receiver made of one piece of material with integral dovetail for mounting a riflescope;
- Top quality forged barrel;
- Easy ejection of cartridge cases;
- A short extractor and modified ejector for smooth operation;
- Cocking of the striking mechanism is signalled by a cocking indicator protruding from the bolt sleeve;
- Adjustable trigger pull and drag;
- Possibility to open the action also in the locked position;
- Floating barrel.


CZ 557 Range Rifle – a universal rifle from Uherský Brod

In the early 1980s, the legendary gun guru Jeff Cooper formulated a concept for the Scout Rifle. His ideal was a compact and powerful repeater suitable for hunting and combat. It was supposed to be a .308 Win. cal. rifle with a total length of up to one meter and weighing less than 3 kg, capable of repeatedly hitting a target the size of a human figure up to 450 meters using mechanical sights. Mentioning this historical fact is not a coincidence - I think Jeff would have liked the new Uherský Brod rifle.

Cooper's vision of a universal rifle is an interesting phenomenon. Many experts and customers were excited about such an idea, but when one looks at it, there aren’t many mass produced weapons meeting or at least approaching the criteria of a Scout Rifle on the market at all. The reason is simple - to meet all these visionary requirements is not easy. The first real factory-made Scout Rifle was not created until the second half of the 1990s, and it came with the emergence of a new generation of modern materials and technologies. Even then it only just met the requirement for weight, because the 3 kg he aspired for is still a pretty big hurdle for a .308 capable of the required accuracy.

The topic of rifles belonging to the Scout Rifle category has recently come to the fore because of a tender for the rearmament of the Canadian Rangers. This distinctive patrol unit operating in hard to reach areas of the Canadian wilderness has required, as a replacement for its outdated military repeaters, a modern universal rifle in the spirit of Jeff Cooper’s concept.  Only a bit more embellished with some tried and tested elements of the discarded Lee-Enfields.

Supporters of the Scout Rifle concept no doubt sing their thanks to this tender, since because of it, several new models have been created and tested, which Jeff Cooper would have definitely approved of. Among them is a brand new rifle from Uherský Brod. Now this would have probably impressed Jeff even more, since it is no secret that he had a soft spot for Česká zbrojovka weapons.


Brand CZ

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