The DAA Automatic Brass Marker offers a unique and innovative solution for shooters wanting to easily recover their fired brass on the range.

It will stripe your loaded ammo with one or two lines around the full circumference of the case, while you are reloading your ammo.

Once fired, the spent brass is easy to spot and collect from the range thanks to the stripes which are visible at a glance, no matter how the case rests.

As the bullets drop out of your reloading press, they are directed through the Output Chute (included) and down the 40cm long spring into the DAA Automatic Brass Marker. First, the rounds are oriented through the entry funnel, which flips upside-down bullets so that all land on the ramp with their bullet first. This ensures the stripes are consistently made on the same position on all the ammo. Especially useful if your goal is to adjust to mark a line inside the extraction groove – which is possible to do!

Please note: Perfect performance of the entry funnel ammo orientation is only possible when the unit is carefully positioned to allow the bullets to slide and enter at the correct speed. Experimentation will be needed to fine tune for each type of round.

The DAA Automatic Brass Marker is multi caliber and can be used with all pistol rounds from 9mm and all the way up to .44mag. No additional parts are needed to switch between calibers, but some adjustments are done on the machine for longer bullets. 

The ammo is automatically feed through the mechanism, where a rubberized drum spins the round quickly and completes several full rotations beneath the marker points, to ensure a clean and complete line around the full circumference of the case.

Unpack your Marker, and within 10 minutes you can be up and running, and never have to spend your valuable time marking your brass ever again!


Brand Double-Alpha Academy

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