Hardcore Hardware Australia

Our story began in 2010, with the creation of our flagship brand Hardcore Hardware Australia®. Since this time our products have been in wide circulation with a focus on Military and Law Enforcement markets. Our branded products are in service with the Australia Defence Force, other specialist units and Law Enforcement both foreign and domestic. Due to the performance of our products, their design and build specifications, our knives and hand tools are recognized globally for their remarkable quality.

At Hardcore Hardware Australia® our primary function is to design, develop and construct mission specific tactical tools for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, Search & Rescue personnel.

Our knives and hand tools are capable of superior performance in the harshest of environmental conditions and have been designed in consultation with various specialists to fulfil specific operational roles and tasks. At Hardcore Hardware Australia® we strive to produce the best possible balance between efficient design, unrivalled toughness and wear resistance.

Hardcore Hardware Australia® utilises the latest in modern software, materials and construction techniques to build some of the most HARDCORE tools on the planet. We do this to aid you in the performance of your duties.

Hardcore Hardware Australia® together with its sister brand HALFBREED BLADES®, offers a specialised development service for government agencies wanting a 'custom product' tailored to user specific requirements. If we do not currently carry what you need, we can design, develop and construct it for you. For more information on this service, contact us today.

We would like to thank those brave men and women of the Australian & New Zealand Defence Forces together with their coalition partners for ensuring the preservation of our freedom.
We are proud to support you.