Halfbreed Blades

Halfbreed Blades Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated. From its base of operations in South Melbourne, Australia, Halfbreed Blades designs and develops highly specialised products to user specific requirements. Our mission is to bring to market pinnacle performance specialist knives and hand tools, intelligently designed without compromise in materials or manufacturing techniques.

Halfbreed Blades knives and hand tools are capable of outstanding performance in the most extreme environments.  With virtually indestructible toughness in mind, we design, develop and construct every product bearing our mark to meet the needs of serious professionals. We rigorously test our products and guarantee our workmanship and quality standards are maintained at the highest level.

Steels utilised in the manufacture of our products are imported from Austria, Japan and the United States and CNC water cut before being precision machined to our exacting specifications. Our knives and tools are heat treated under a proprietary process, coatings include Cerakote, Teflon and PVD. We are specialists in vacuum press kydex sheath manufacture, polymer injection moulding, G10, Micarta®, titanium 3D CNC machining and tool design. 

Our products and services are tailored to cater to outdoor enthusiasts, martial artists, private security personnel, emergency/rescue first responders and military/law enforcement operators. We also offer a knife and tool design, project management and manufacture service to other companies and Government agencies in addition to our own branded designs.